What I am doing now

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What I am doing now

Here are the following things I am doing right now


The blog you are reading right now is made using https://docswrite.com. I was thinking to build this platform for a couple of years now. It’s turning out to be true right now. Feeling great.


It adds delta updates for electron apps. Took me two years to build this platform.

Provide a blazing fast update experience for your users. It reduces bandwidth usage by 90%. Users download only the delta. It uses binary diffing (HDiffPatch) to generate the delta.

Check here https://electrondelta.com


https://remotefront.io is one of my first indie side projects. It is one of the leading remote job aggregators in the world. It pulls remote jobs from different remote job boards on the internet and shows them in a single place. It is really handy if you are looking for a remote job.

My Full-Time Job

I work remotely for https://blitz.gg, which is the best gaming coach app in the industry.

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